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We are embarking on a very important time in our history. The signs are all around us. Earth changes, political upheaval, and unrest are all reflective of humankind's internal struggle. We all have a unique role to play in humanity's re-creation. Practical Spirituality is a systematic approach to healing and empowerment that enables you to release your limitations and find your true purpose. Don't be left on the sidelines. Jump in and join the journey of a lifetime. - Santi

Fearless Living Program

Learn more about how fear is the greatest stumbling block to a successful, meaningful life.
Your Well Being is at stake.

The Nature of Fear
Understanding Fear and It's True Purpose
Embracing Change

The Addiction of Fear
Fear Needs Medication: The Downward Spiral of Addiction
How To Prove You are not an Alcoholic
Can Therapy Dogs Assist in Addiction Recovery
Enduring Sobriety

Overcoming Fear
The Mental Diet, You Are What You Think
Create the Life You Want, Not the One You Fear

Practical Spirituality Fearless Living
Practical Spirituality
Fearless Living 


Featured Appearances

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Yoga Therapy for Addictions
January 24-25, 2013

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Fearless Living for the Healthcare Professional
January 26-27, 2013

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Seven Steps for Overcoming Our Fears
A Spiritual Guide to Emotional Freedom
Through a life-changing revelation in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Santi Meunier was given seven steps for releasing the self from the ravages of fear. These steps offer a deeper understanding of our purpose, a liberating sense of peace, and the ability to overcome fear even in extreme circumstances.


Dr. Santi Meunier - Dying for a Drink


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Overcoming the Fear
of Success

Alcoholism Talk based on,
Dying for a Drink


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