The Holographic Treatment Program
By Santi Meunier

The Holographic Treatment Program was developed for recovering alcoholics and addicts, but the principals can be applied by anyone seeking more from life both inwardly and outwardly. It is holistic in nature but holographic in form.  One of the unique characteristics of a hologram is that each of its parts has the ability to re-create the whole.  I remember as a child being fascinated by starfish.  If any one of the starfish legs were cut off, the fish had the ability to grow another one and survive.  As alcoholics and addicts in recovery, perhaps a similar ability is needed to sustain long term abstinence and well being. 

The issue of “reproductive transcendence” or “spiritual adaptability” are integral to this treatment model.  Take for example the feeling of rebirth that often accompanies the “pink cloud” of early sobriety.  The newly sober person feels elation at not only being free from the bondage of compulsive drinking, but also at the promise of a new and better life.  In my experience this is not a solitary event experienced only by the newly sober.  It is a living process, as is spiritual and emotional growth, a process that continues to recreate, renew, and redefine itself as it exists in any given moment.  I am not the person I was last year, nor will I be the same next year or the year after. 

‘One Day at a Time’ in Holographic Treatment

How I choose to grow and manifest, whether it be positive or negative, loving or fearful, sober or drunk is a daily choice.  The premise of living one day at a time is very pertinent in approaching this transformational treatment model.  The concept of living one day at a time was adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous from the spiritual teachings of Mathew Fox.  The message is a literal one - even though it is more often than not interpreted subjectively.  If we live in today, for it is the only time we truly have, and it is always today - then the message is clear.  The focus of time is then relegated to the “now”.  How then do we practice living in the now when there are things in the past that are unresolved, and, as such, discolor our perception of the both the present and the future? 

The human condition is subject to the laws of the linear world.  The time/space continuum is dictated by the laws of cause and effect.  The seeds I plant, the actions I take, the words I speak, and the beliefs I nurture all make themselves manifest in time.  Taking a very conscious approach to this creative law can turn the tide in one’s favor.  This law of cause and effect is true not just on the emotional and physical plane; but on the spiritual plane as well.  In the East, it is called karma, and the West defines it as Judgment Day.  Whatever concept is used, the premise is to heal, learn, and create within conscious, subconscious, and “super-conscious” states of reality. 

What exactly is a super-conscious state of reality?  Super consciousness, is a heightened state of awareness encompassing all four dimensions (possibly more) in which the observer relates to himself/herself primarily as a spiritual being existing temporarily in a physical reality for the purpose of learning and service.  But how is this achieved, and is it available to everyone?  I offer as a blueprint the principles set forth in my Holographic Treatment Model. 

The Holographic Treatment Plan
Living Beyond the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
Phase One (The Foundation)

  • Achieve sobriety and continue, as a life style, practicing the steps and principals of the A.A. program. 
  • Continue to read and study spiritual material and practice conscious contact with your Higher Power through the disciplines of prayer and meditation.
  • Aid the physical body to facilitate the effects of active alcoholism by eating a healthy variety of whole foods and when necessary following a hypoglycemic diet if low blood sugar is an issue (this is the case with many alcoholics as is the issue of an over production of yeast).
  • Exercise daily, rekindling a relationship with your natural surroundings, cultivating benefits of good grooming and self care.
  • Develop a healthy mental diet.  What we think and the things we affirm are just as crucial to our well being as the foods we eat. 
  • Stop creating with your thoughts and unconscious affirmations what you fear and start creating what they truly want. 
  • Eliminate guilt.  It is a learned emotion and it can be unlearned. 
  • Explore tools to aid in the transformation of your thinking from primarily negative to positive and optimistic.  Daily affirmations, creative visualization, biofeedback, daily positive reading of spiritual materials etc. can be very helpful.
  • Heal and deal with the past: its wounds, traumas, the effects of your “inner child”.  Uncover core beliefs, self-defeating patterns of behavior and negative self-image and/or loathing.
  • Develop a loving relationship with your inner child - transform the child from wounded to magical and creative.
  • Identify and heal all fragmented aspects of yourself, and integrate these parts into a strong self image. 
  • Learn the art of self-evaluation.
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships at home, in the workplace, and in your community.
  • Discover and remove any obstacles to your health and happiness.
  • Discover your talents and gifts and uncover work that is important for you to do based on these assets.
  • Practice honesty, love and service in all areas of your life.
  • Practice silence and introspection. 
  • Align with that which is “right” for you and hold to it.
  • Learn time management techniques for optimal living
  • Create balance in all areas
  • Practice and affirm gratitude for all the gifts in one’s life.

Phase Two: The Transformation

  • Examine and continue to strengthen the tools and rewards of phase one
  • Explore the Spiritual Self,

The authentic and empowered being is now ready for another metamorphosis - an internal exploration beyond the perimeters of the three dimensional world.  Many have already had a glimpse of this world through the regular practice of prayer and meditation and yogic postures.  The ego/personality self that is now healthy and happy can let go into a transpersonal identity that emerges as a spiritual Self, co-creating with God.  We strive to achieve this by:

  • Regularly going on spiritual retreats and solitary retreats.
  • Continuing to deepen meditation and yoga practice to keep the physical body/mind open and receptive to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Practicing anonymous giving and service to others.
  • Making all decisions based on love and not on fear.
  • Developing through a lifetime of practice, trust in the Will of God.

Phase Three: The Super-Consciousness State

This phase is on-going for one’s lifetime. We continue to practice and develop Super Counsciousness, and our unique role in the Divine Plan.

  • Continue to take spiritual inventory uncovering any thoughts of lack, limitation, doubt, or hate (including self-hate).
  • Become an unencumbered creative living force for good and love in the world.
  • Love God more than you love your ego identity.
  • Practicing conscious living and strategies for conscious dying.
  • Continue to seek out mentors and teachers in all the above practices.  Give away what you have in order to keep it.
  • Practice detachment by recognizing the temporal nature of this existence.  Detachment is not lack of feeling, it is lack of ownership and control.
  • Live and give as if it were your last day on earth and plan as if you will live forever.
  • Discover your purpose and fulfill it to the best of your ability - no matter what the cost.
  • Discover your truth and speak to anyone who will listen - no matter what the cost
  • Acknowledge that all experience has been helpful to personal growth and compassion.  Forgiveness is a natural extension of this mindset.
  • Practice giving unmerited gifts.
  • Be authentic – no matter what the cost.
  • Live an extraordinary life – no matter what the cost.
  • Learn to love completely and absolutely – no matter what the cost.

Having briefly outlined the Holographic Treatment Model, we find a model not just for recovering alcoholics and addicts, but for any human being choosing the path of transformation.  The recovering alcoholic has, ironically, an advantage over the “normal” folk in that they practice the 12 steps and the principals of the program in order to not pick up a drink.  The search for God and the development of a healthy spiritual condition is paramamount for enduring sobriety.  The addict becomes spiritually aligned in order to stay alive – there is no wiggle room if he or she wants to get better.  So what starts out as a “fait accompli” for the alcoholic becomes in fact the gateway to a life of miraculous change and transformation - a life that is, as many alcoholics in recovery affirm - second to none.

*This article is an edited excerpt from Dr. Meunier’s Book, Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism. To purchase this book, or to find out more about the work of Dr. Meunier go to www.SantiMeunier.com

Dr. Santi Meunier is an author and inspirational speaker, recognized for her unique style of practical spirituality and her ground-breaking strategies for personal and professional growth. Her program, Fearless Living has helped thousands to realize their dreams. As a highly regarded psychotherapist and expert in the field of addiction her latest book, DYING FOR A DRINK, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholismreveals her Holographic Treatment Plan, developed over twenty years in private practice.

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