Fearless Living
By Santi Meunier

Fearless Living is for people who want to live out their dreams, not their fears. All of us are here living at this moment in time for a reason. For some of us the purpose of our lives is apparent. We know who we are and what we want to do and we do it. The majority of us, however, feel lost to one degree or another. We look at those other people with envy and awe. How is it that they are so clear and focused? What can we do to find our way when the only path we see is riddled with fear and confusion?
Before we can do anything to change our current state, we have to undo some common, self-defeating mental habits.

  • Stop comparing your self to others. Our ego sets us up by doing this and it is a losing proposition.  Judging our insides by someone else’s outside appearances is like trying to determine what something tastes like by the way it looks. Sure that may work once in a while, but would anyone eat a coconut based on its “hairy” shell?
  • Realize that no one gets a free ride in this life.  We all have challenges and lessons to learn.  If we are a good, diligent student we will gain not only knowledge, but self-esteem and happiness. 
  • Mind your own business.  Many people are so busy focusing on what others “should” be doing that they ignore their own work.  This is an avoidant pattern that has to stop. We can care about others, but let them do their own work.
  • If we are overwhelmed by fear and self-judgment, recognize that those thoughts reinforce the very things we are trying to escape. Mental discipline is essential - one thought at a time.
  • Stop operating on “should” and “have to”. When life is full of “should” and “have to”, our energy drains out of us.  When fear has reached a point of immobilizing us we feel stuck and start to procrastinate, which over time creates a vicious cycle of self-sabotage.
  • Stop blaming yourself. Anyone can become overwhelmed with fear.  It is what happens next that separates the fearful from the fearless. Staying overwhelmed cannot be an option. We alone are responsible for our lives.

Quick Tip: Ask to be a gentle observer.  When you find yourself caught up in any of these thoughts - witness it and then release it.  We can take back a thought at anytime. Don’t just correct it, take it back. Example: “This job is killing me!”  Realizing that is not what you want to create say, “I take that back. This job is difficult, show me how to better cope with what is put in front of me.” Be still enough to receive any guidance that may come your way.
In Fearless living we recognize that we strengthen what we focus on. Focusing on our fears creates more fear. Because we are all in a constant state of creating, both consciously and unconsciously, it is very important to pay attention to what our mind is doing. Mental discipline begins when we realize when we are focusing on our fears. We can then, “move a muscle to change a thought”. Do something!  Take an action…to break the grip of the fear state.
Positive self-talk is very important as well. Listen to what we say to ourselves. Is this thought helpful or not helpful; positive or negative?
Breaking free from the grip of fear, and learning how to create what we want instead of what we fear is available to all of us.

How it Works
The Fearless Living Program is a two part process:

  • Part One is designed to identify our relationship with fear and all the ways that if keeps us from realizing our highest good and happiness.

In order to understand our relationship with fear, let’s begin by looking at the difference between normal fear and abnormal fear, at self defeating thought patterns, and how to break free from the grip of fear.
A normal fear: atypical scenario would be; you are a bit nervous about going to the dentist for a tooth extraction.  It is no secret that it can be painful, but you go because it is necessary. You know that the dentist does this everyday, and that he is trained for whatever situation may occur. So even though you are afraid, it does not stop you from doing what is best for your health and well being. That is a normal fear.
An abnormal fear is a lot more complex. Let’s say you are afraid of terrorists, for example. This fear is perhaps based on the events of 9/11, and the subsequent events. The news coverage has increased this fear to a point of immobilizing you. Let’s  say that you have a very good job that requires a lot of plane travel, and in the past that was not a problem. The fear of terrorists, however, is making you unable to board a plane. This is putting your job in jeopardy, but the fear feels too great to overcome. Now the fear has grown to encompass even more fears, and so it goes. What do we do?

  1. Make a decision. Is fear going to be in control of you, or are you going to be in control of your fear?
  2. Challenge the fear.  Often we just let fear tells us what is true without ever questioning it. What is the percentage of planes that get attacked by terrorists? The number is very small. Is that worth losing your job over?
  3. Do it anyway.  Be afraid and do the right thing for yourself and your life. Then you will have less fear than before. The sure fire way to get more fear is to give into fear.  It is like the Sesame Street cookie monster, It always want MORE!

 Part Two is the formation and integration of a new way of being in the world, and with yourself.  If we have been controlled by fear and have allowed it to make our world smaller and smaller, it has damaged our reputation with ourselves.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else may think of you if you do not think well of yourself.  Healing and empowering our relationship with ourselves is at the foundation of step two.

The Practical Spirituality Program is a prerequisite to the Fearless Living Program because we will have little success in overcoming our fears if we lack a sound foundation of emotional, physical and spiritual support.  The good news is that whatever stage we are currently at we can begin to turn things around. If we are willing to work the principals of this program we will succeed.  This is a guarantee because healing is natural.  When we create a healing environment for the body, mind and spirit the healing force is unleashed.  When we cut our hand we clean it and put some antiseptic on it and then our part is done. The healing forces in the body begin to work their magic.  We heal from the inside out.  Sometimes a scab looks pretty bad, but underneath is new pink skin. Appearances can be deceiving.  In this process we can feel as if we are getting worse instead of better, but like the scab poisons have to come to the surface to be released.  To become brand new takes time and perseverance. We didn’t develop these defeating patterns over night.

The key is to begin.  No one else can fill your place in the great scheme of things. Remember, the world needs you to succeed and to bring to it your unique contribution.

Author and speaker Dr. Santi Meunier is recognized for her unique style and her ground-breaking strategies for personal and professional growth. Her program, Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living has helped thousands to enrich their lives and realize their dreams.
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