The Mental Diet, You are what you think
By Santi Meunier

The news is filled with “bad” news these days and it is very easy to become distraught by all the disaster and tragedy around the world.  The sensationalism of the press and media has led to a sense of hopeless and fear in the general public. Is this the whole story of what is happening in the world?  Have goodness and kindness taken a long holiday? We find negativity masquerading as the truth when in fact it is no truer than positivity.  Perhaps negativity feels more real simply because more people focus on it. And in your own little corner of the world, are you spreading and enforcing negativity and fear as well?  Is the weight of this fear robbing you of the ability to enjoy the happiness and beauty of life? If so, are you ready to do something about it?

The Mental Diet: Recognize- Analyze-Synthesize


Attitude is a choice

We begin by recognizing that we do have a choice. Attitude is a choice. We can choose to worry and plan elaborate worst case scenarios in our head, or we can shout, “Enough, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”
Some of us might recoil and say, “If I do that I won’t have any thoughts at all. All I do is worry. I can’t just turn a switch and say I am not going to worry anymore. It is automatic.” It may feel automatic, but it is not automatic. We are creatures of habit. We may have the habit of negativity and worry, but there is so much more to us than our fears and negative thought patterns. If you want to experience who you truly are begin by practicing step one of the mental diet:

  • Recognize that you have a choice. Attitude is a choice. You are not powerless over your thoughts even if it feels that way.
  • Recognize that you strengthen what you focus on. If you habitually worry, you will become more fearful.
  • Recognize that focusing on negative; fearful thoughts create habits patterns in the mind that masquerade as the “Truth”.


Change your mind

Attitude is made up of thoughts, feelings and experience.  In step two of the mental diet we want to see how our thoughts, feelings and experience shape ourattitude.  Attitude is the result of our perception.  How we see ourselves and our relationship with people, places and things make up our perception. If we see ourselves as a victim because we were a victim in our childhood than our perception of ourselves and the world will be colored by that belief.  You may have been a victim as a child, but you are not a victim now, and you are no longer a child. Labels can become a prison where we are locked inside the very pain that we are trying to escape. We cannot escape pain, but we can heal and grow from it. It is not what happens to us in life that molds us; it is what we do with what happens to us. In step two of the mental diet we:

  • Analyze our thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • Analyze how these have shaped our perception
  • Analyze what labels we need to let go of in order to heal our pain and change our perception of who we are.


Using the Right Ingredients

Every cook knows that when preparing a special meal it is very important to use the finest and the freshest ingredients.  Even a simple meal can be made spectacular by select ingredients.  If it is so with the food we put in our bodies does it not hold true for the thoughts we hold in our minds?  How many quality thoughts and feelings have we absorbed today?  Do they balance out the negative and fear-filled ones? We don’t eat everything that is dished out to us. If we go to the refrigerator for some left-overs and they are rotten we throw them out.  We know that to eat food that has gone bad will make us sick. Is that not true of rotten emotions and thoughts as well? How many bad thoughts have made us sick, and yet we continue to eat them. We have a choice. Let’s stop and think before we chew on our next thought. Let’s ask ourselves, “Is this helpful to my health and well being?” If the answer is no, abstain from it today. This moment can be a new beginning. In step three of the mental diet we:

  • Synthesize our thoughts and feelings into right action
  • Synthesize fear and pain into healing transformation
  • Synthesize positivity by abstaining from negativity

The 30 Day Mental Diet

The Mental Diet: Recognize- Analyze-Synthesize is designed to free us from the bonds and habits of negative, fearful thinking.  Like any habit, it takes time and discipline to break. The 30 day mental diet is geared to do just that. For the next 30 days in a row you will employ the above mentioned tools along with the commitment to abstain from fear and worry, one day at a time for 30 days. Keep a log, much like a food log, to see where and how your mind tries to set you up to fail.  Like any diet, you will not be able to follow it perfectly without slipping now and then, but the key here is to hold that ideal.  The more vigilant we are the more effective the diet will be. The diet consists of:

  • Breaking the old thought patterns through abstaining, and correcting our thoughts when we find ourselves in fear and negativity
  • Forming new, healthy thought patterns that create healing and happiness
  • Becoming the kind of person you would like to be rather than the labels that were imposed on you in the past
  • Keeping a log of your progress over the next 30 days
  • Eventually being able to abstain for 30 days in a row

If you are committed to this diet, you will be amazed at the “you” that emerges.
You may not lose twenty pounds, but you will lose the weight of the world !

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