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Dying for a DrinkThe Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism
By Dr. Santi Meunier

Dying for a Drink is a comprehensive book about the three phases ofthe disease of alcoholism and the latest treatment options. The bookexplains what it is, what it is not and what you can do if you or a lovedone is affected. This is a must read for healthcare professionals,employee assistance workers and individuals. Her writing style is userfriendly, informative and filled with hope for the individuals andfamilies suffering from this disease.

What healthcare professionals are saying about
Dr.Santi Meunier & her latest book,Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism”

Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism” is the product of years of experience and progress in fighting addiction. It places these struggles in the larger context of our world today, and the art of living a full and happy life. Grounded in success, it is a must read for anyone who works in this important field"
 - Michael Curren, Health Care Administrator

“Dr. Santi Meunier has been a wonderful help in the addiction community. She is quite knowledgeable and insightful. She has helped many of my patients. Her book,Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism”   is an important resource for anyone wanting to understand addiction and the disease of alcoholism”.
- Joseph England, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Brown University

“Dr. Santi Meunier and I presented workshops on the disease of alcoholism and addiction for many years and she was the best person I ever worked with.”
- Robert Cote, Clinical Director of the McGee Unit, Hillcrest Hospital

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Dr. Santi Meunier - Dying for a Drink


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