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The Fearless Living Program

The Fearless Living Program
Fearless Living is for people who want to live out their dreams, not their fears.

In this workshop Dr. Meunier outlines the Fearless Living Program and how we can begin to integrate it into our own lives. This 2 day workshop is the beginning of a new way of being in the world.  It is for the serious student only. The world needs you to succeed and bring to it your unique contribution.

The Fearless Living Program is a two part process:

  • Part One is designed to identify our relationship with fear and all the ways that if keeps us from realizing our highest good and happiness. We will also learn how to employ specific tools and methods to correct these self-defeating patterns and thought systems.
  • Part Two is the formation and integration of a new way of being in the world, and with yourself. 

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Fear is the greatest stumbling block to success

In this workshop Dr. Meunier explores our relationship with fear,
the difference between  normal fear and abnormal fear, self defeating thought patterns, and how to break free from the grip of fear.

A normal fear: a typical scenario would be; we are a bit nervous about going to the dentist for a tooth extraction.  It is no secret that they can be painful, but we go because it is necessary. We know that the dentist does this everyday, and that he is trained for whatever situation may occur. So even though we are afraid it does not stop us from doing what is best for our health and well being. That is a normal fear.
An abnormal fear is a lot more complex. We are afraid of terrorists for example. This fear is perhaps based on the events of 911, and the subsequent wars. The news coverage has increased this fear to a point of immobility. Let’s just say that we have a very good job, and we are very good at what you do. It requires a lot of plane travel, and in the past that was not a problem. The fear of terrorists is making you unable to board a plane. This is putting your job in jeopardy, but the fear feels too great to overcome. Now our fear has grown to encompass even more fears, and so it goes. What do we do?

This workshop addresses issues like these and much more.  Uncovering and overcoming fear is the basis of this workshop. When we change our relationship to fear our life changes.

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Creating what you want instead of what you fear

In this workshop Dr. Meunier explains how the creative process, which is constantly occurring within us, can be our worst enemy if fear is not brought under control.
We are creative beings. If we are feeling creatively stagnant it may be because fear is in control.
When life is full of “should” and “have to”, our energy drains out of us.  When fear has reached a point of immobilizing us we feel stuck and procrastinate, which over time creates a vicious cycle of self-sabotage.
The first step is to stop blaming ourselves. Anyone can become overwhelmed with fear.  It is what happens next that separates the fearful from the fearless.
In Fearless living we recognize that we strengthen what we focus on. Focusing on our fears creates more fear. Because we are all in a constant state of creating, both consciously and unconsciously, it is very important to pay attention to what our mind is doing. Mental discipline begins when we realize when we are focusing on our fears. We can then, “move a muscle to change a thought”.
Positive self-talk is very important. Listen to what we say to ourselves. Is this thought helpful or not helpful; positive or negative?
Breaking free from the grip of fear, and learning how to create what we want instead of what we fear is the basic intention of this workshop.

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Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living

This workshop involves three 2 days session. Introductory talks are available throughout the year. Call for a schedule.
Practical Spirituality is the foundation for the Fearless Living Program.

Practical Spirituality teaches us how to develop and nurture a powerful partnership with the human and spiritual aspects of our nature.  By practicing the tools and the principals of Practical Spirituality we discover our unique role in the Divine Plan. 

What is Practical Spirituality?

Practical Spirituality is a 3-part system of healing and empowering an individual by employing specific tools to:
Realign the mind, heal the body and contact the spirit.
All spiritual beliefs have common truths.
Practical Spirituality is just that -practical. It is to be used to enhance and enrich our lives, not take us away from or avoid life.

The Seven Core Principals of Practical Spirituality are:
Trust, Discernment, Intention, Love, Honesty, Commitment and Discipline.
These serve as a foundation. When we look at trust for example, we first evaluate our relationship with ourselves, others, life, money, fear, and a Higher Power. By examining these relationships we uncover our trust issues. Before we can adapt a new perception we have to be willing to release our old ideas. In order for  new glasses to help us see clearly, we have to take off the old ones.  

The rewards gained by practicing and living the Practical Spirituality Program will be realized by all serious students. We need to be totally committed, but only one day at a time.

Call for Workshop Dates & Locations
401 667-7399 or email us at Santi@SantiMeunier.

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