Dr. Santi Meunier, Corporate Spokesperson & Trainer Credentialed & Charismatic

“Dr. Meunier spoke to approximately 250 staff members at our annual convention. Her presentation was among the most powerful we have ever seen. Staff members from all our clinics are still remarking two years later about how her words personally impacted their lives.  She is a natural teacher and motivator!”
- Kenneth Startz, Chief Operating Officer, Beltone New England

“Dr. Santi Meunier has been a wonderful help in the addiction community. She is quite knowledgeable and insightful. She has helped many of my patients. We have done public presentations together on the topic of addiction, alcoholism, depression and suicide. Dr.Meunier was a pleasure to work with, and an important source of information.”
- Joseph England, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Brown University

Dr.Santi Meunier’s  energy, direction and passion in leading others to better themselves is truly unique and the results we have seen for our group were simply amazing.  I think what makes her approach so different is the time she takes to understand the people that she is guiding and speaks to them in a way that they need to hear !  Bravo, Dr Meunier!
- Michael Andreozzi, President, Beltone New England

"Santi Meunier's warm and engaging speaking style connects with her audience and makes learning from her a pleasurable experience."
- Jackie Perrett, President , Jackson Perrett, Inc.

Dr. Santi Meunier is a respected and sought after speaker and trainer who has been leading workshops for the last twenty years. She is best known for her inspirational, research based message that resonates with her audience and evokes change. Santi Meunier delivers a vision to the listener of a higher quality of life filled with purpose and joy, along with practical tools to achieve it. Her no-nonsense, compassionate, and totally committed style of teaching disarms her audience and delivers a powerful message. She is a premier voice in the field of addiction and personal transformation  Dr. Meunier not only talks the talk- she walks the walk.


Suggested Topics
All of Dr. Meunier’s talks are customized to fit the needs of her audience.

Fear is the greatest stumbling block to success
Creating what you want instead of what you fear.
Time. Is it on your side?
Self Worth-Net Worth
Salespersons: Sell yourself first
Letting Go of our Old Ideas
Meaning and Value
The 3% Solution to Success
The Mental Diet, You are what you think
Embracing Change

Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living
What is Practical Spirituality?
Fearless Living

Addiction in the Workplace (in our Schools, in the Medical Profession, in the Boardroom etc.)
Alcoholism, The Hidden Epidemic
Alcoholics are getting Younger & Younger
Alcohol and the Elderly
The High Cost of Addiction
Enduring Sobriety

Who is Dr. Meunier?
Dr. Santi Meunier is an author and inspirational speaker, focusing on success strategies and life achievement issues. She is recognized for her unique style of “practical spirituality” and her ground-breaking tools for personal and professional growth.  Her program, Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living has helped thousands to realize their dreams.

As a highly regarded psychotherapist and recognized expert in the field of addiction, she has helped thousands of individuals and families recover and stabilize from the ravaging affects of substance abuse and addiction.    She has also pioneered and led hundreds of groups in her three-level outpatient recovery program for adult children of alcoholics.  As an educator, Dr. Meunier has worked extensively with troubled adolescents, developing abuse and addiction recovery programs for several residential schools.

In her book, Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism, she presents the latest medical discoveries and treatments for alcoholism including a step by step guide of her own Holographic Treatment Plan, developed over the last 20 years.

Dying for a Drink - Dr. Santi Meuneir"This book is the product of years of experience and progress in fighting addiction. It places these struggles in the larger context of our world today, and the art of living a full and happy life. Grounded in success, it is a  must read for anyone who works in this important field"
- Michael F. Curren, Health Care Administrator



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Dr. Santi Meunier - Dying for a Drink


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Alcoholism Talk based on,
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